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The Beckage Firm 

The Beckage Firm, PLLC is an exclusive law firm that counsels select organizations and high-net-worth individuals on innovation, business strategy, crisis preparedness, crisis management, and other tech and data security and privacy matters.

Helping Clients with Cybersecurity

The world of cybersecurity and technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace. What we are doing today will not work in the coming years. The Beckage Firm desires to work with clients who are interested in solving and preparing for these future challenges and innovation.


Innovation and Technology

Law firm founder, Jennifer A. Beckage, Esq., CIPP/US, CIPP/E, and the entire Beckage Team focus their law practice on innovation and technology, with a recognized focus on data security and privacy and incident response. The Beckage Firm and their team has responded to numerous headline-making, national and international cybersecurity incidents, and counseled organizations of all sizes.   


Global Media

Jennifer Beckage is a frequent contributor to the global conversation surrounding crisis response, speaking at several legal and cybersecurity industry events. The Beckage Team is consistently interviewed by global media on topics related to technology, crisis response, and data security.


Our services

We serve small and medium-sized organizations and international businesses.

Incident Response/Data Breach

At The Beckage Firm, we believe that data security and privacy strategies can work hand-in-hand with innovation, and in fact, may even foster innovation.

Data Security & Privacy Compliance

Clients are counseled on how to comply with a fast changing landscape while still driving forward cutting-edge strategies.

Personal Privacy

Celebrities, executives, and others are focusing on their own personal privacy. We can help.

Data Due Diligence

The Beckage Firm has first-hand experience with data due diligence as well as merger and acquisition due diligence.


Firm Founder Jennifer Beckage’s long professional and legal career has provided her with the experience to help her counsel her long-standing clients and partners. Her team includes other thought leaders and experienced professionals.



Jennifer Beckage has been selected by her peers for inclusion in the 2022 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© for her work in Electronic Discovery and Information Management Law.  Click on the TEAM tab to see a full list of all the credentials and certifications held by The Beckage Team. 



The Beckage Firm guides companies in developing various strategies, including adapting new technologies, while still working to comply with international, federal, and state laws and regulations.


Data Security

The Beckage Firm develops robust data security and privacy compliance programs and reates and edits policies, procedures, and plans for data security, privacy, online and mobile app use, and AI use review and audits.



The Beckage team performs exercises for IT, legal, and executive teams to test policies and incident response capabilities. Develop cybersecurity preparedness and management training for international brands world wide.


Why we have a cardinal in our logo

Cardinals have a reputation for being strong companions. Many going through crises see and lean on these strong, loyal birds as a symbol of hope.  At the Beckage Firm we value strength, loyalty and the power of team.  

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Recognized by Best Lawyers 2022
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Incident Response 40 2018- 2021
MIT Management Solan School
Platinum Breach Coach