The Beckage Firm Services

The Beckage Firm provides a wide range of services, because of the breadth,
knowledge, and experience gained.

Incident Response

Named one of the top 40 data breach lawyers in row by Cybersecurity Docket, and having handled countless incidents, Beckage and her team brings unparalleled incident response experience.


Data Security & Privacy Compliance

The law and regs say one thing – but how do we effectuate these policies, work within our budget, our internal and external demands? The Beckage Team has helped many navigate these issues from a practical standpoint, advising boards, leadership, and CEOs of the things that should and should not keep them up at night, and how to help minimize risk.


Personal Privacy

Celebrities, high net worth individuals, or simply those who have access to a lot of sensitive information (e.g., intellectual property, board seat positions) are understanding the importance of home security and ways to protect their personal and family accounts from attacks.


Data Due Diligence

Having gone through the sale of a company to a publicly traded company, Jennifer Beckage and her team have first hand experience with Due Diligence, but have also worked with countless clients on merger and acquisition due diligence, evaluating investment opportunities from a data security and privacy perspective, or simply evaluating an organizations own data practices (including record retention).


Monetization of AI & Future Technologies

Often organizations struggle to start the journey of AI implementation, while understanding legal, operational, and technical risks and opportunities. As a professor on data security and privacy and ethics with emerging technologies, an MIT certification of completion of AI business use case program, and helping international brands on their AI journey, The Beckage Firm can provide robust counsel.


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