The Beckage Firm PLLC has worked with a myriad of organizations across a number of industries. 


As a former tech business owner, tech entrepreneur, and experience working with numerous tech organization from idea to exit, Jennifer helps clients in the tech industry address innovation, data security and privacy, and other business advice.


Jennifer has not only taught and worked in elementary to university level institutions, but has 15 years educating them in technology, data breaches, student and family privacy, and other tech related matters.

Health & Wellness

As a highly regulated industry, the health care industry is no stranger to data and security requirements and demands. Jennifer has worked with numerous health care organizations on their strategies as it relates to use of technology, while being mindful of regulatory requirements. She is often called in to bridge the gap between business units on how to use technology in smart ways while still being able to deliver excellent care.

Insurance & Risk Management

Jennifer has been sighted in international publications and is a regular speaker in the insurance and risk management industry. She has detailed knowledge of various risk management models. Jennifer Beckage advises clients on the need for risk management tools, particularly as it relates to tech, data security, and privacy.

Advertising & Marketing

Ad Tech, Can Spam, data aggregation and anonymization, and obtaining consent – just a few of the topics top of mind for those in the ad and marketing industry. Jen has helped navigate the complexities of new and emerging data privacy laws.

Staffing & Payroll

The Beckage Firm PLLC has worked with organizations along all stages of staffing – from recruitment, to job fulfillment, people management and payroll, and discrimination charges and other personal claims.

Banking & Financial

Jennifer A. Beckage has worked with national to community banks, organizations that provide alternative financing, financial advisory service organizations, and those that support banking and financial markets.

Food & Agriculture

Jennifer entered the food industry during the height of “All - Natural” food product label litigation, working with food brands on risk management in this wave of litigation. Her work then pivoted to assisting these organizations with another large business risk, cyber. She drafted their crisis response plans, not just from a bio-hazard but to data breaches that would halt production of critical food supplies.

Retail & Service

Retail and service industries often have a lot of personal information, and so data security and privacy are top of mind for these organizations.

Construction & Manufacturing

When the pandemic arose, Jennifer A. Beckage was asked to be part of a New York construction membership’s Pandemic Response Committee to lead organizations through digital transformation and crisis preparedness. She was a leader in speaking to those in the construction and manufacturing space about data security and privacy, not just IT, but OT matters as well.

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