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With the rapidly changing cyber risk and information privacy landscape combined with the increase in data breaches and security incidents. We recognize the need for an agile team, ready and able to respond swiftly - our practice group aims to assist clients, particularly those in the financial sector, when a data breach or incident occurs. Our team is able to guide clients through their response with:

    • Legal and contractual obligations, applicable notifications and monitoring
    • Applicable state and federal laws and regulatory compliance
    • Forensic Investigations and notifications
    • Data, systems and software preservation
    • Coordinating with Insurance Carriers and applicable reporting
    • Public Relations (Internal & External)
    • Crisis Management and Mitigation

Why call The Beckage Firm in a data breach or data security incident?

    • Recognized Thought Leaders in incident response
    • Niche Focus
    • Over a decade of specific focus in technology, data security & privacy
    • Experience working on some of the globe’s largest data breaches and resulting putative class actions by potentially impacted persons

What We Do

    • Work with your insurance carrier regarding notice, assist your organization in determining whether there is coverage for the event
    • Quarterback data and systems preservation and litigation holds
    • Lead technology and forensic investigations
    • Legal and contractual obligation analysis
    • State, federal, and industry regulatory compliance, including notifications to potentially impacted persons and individuals
    • Internal and external communication plans

Types of Attacks We Have Handled

    • Ransomware
    • Insider Threats / Disloyal Employees
    • Denial of Service Attacks (DDos and Dos)
    • Spoofed/hijacked websites
    • Third party / supply chain attacks
    • Business email compromise
    • Digital Millennium Copyright Act matters
    • Inadvertent disclosures
    • Website and domain name take-downs
    • Cyber-attacks coupled with threats against person’s well-being
    • Website or social media attacks and hacks
    • Competitor threats
    • Manipulation of code related to artificial intelligence systems
    • Lost and mismanaged devices

Data Security and Privacy Laws

Our attorneys have experience with:
    • International laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Federal laws, including HIPAA
    • State laws, including New York’s SHIELD Act, and industry regulations, such as New York’s Department of Financial Service’s Cybersecurity Act

Regulatory Enforcement/Government Investigations

Our attorneys have experience with reporting to various federal and state regulators, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) within the Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”), state Attorney Generals’ Offices, and other law enforcement.

The Beckage Firm has work on numerous investigations by a variety of governmental agencies and regulatory bodies on matters related to a data breach. There are regulators that oversee specific industries and those that preside over specific jurisdictions. The Beckage Firm’s extensive prior experience has fully familiarized us with the exact requirements of each.

Some incidents require immediate law enforcement involvement in order to appropriately mitigate risk of monetary loss or to address ransomware threat actors. The Beckage Breach Response Team shares a network of relationships with federal and state law enforcement agents who can provide indispensable help in responding to an a cyber attack.

Crisis Coordinator

As legal counsel, The Beckage Firm works to coordinate various third party providers who may assist in providing legal advice and response steps.


The Beckage Firm has worked with international organizations to small businesses on e-discovery planning and management to reduce costs.

Putative Data Breach Class Action Experience

Significant Data Breach Litigation Experience

Jennifer Beckage was one of the early litigators in some of the world's largest data breach and privacy putative class actions and other litigations and investigations. As a seasoned litigator, she can help develop risk mitigation strategies for litigation as a result of any technology related event to defending organizations and individuals in any such matters.

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