High Net Worth Individuals Offering

Our firm has built an offering specifically tailored to service high net worth individuals and their families. This service is designed for executives, c-suite, board members, artists, musicians, retirees, new families, and anyone who is concerned about risks to their personal achievements, wealth, and well-being. We offer a holistic service to protect individuals and their family from cyber threats and privacy risks by offering a multi-faceted approach to security. Starting with legal representation to offer our service under privilege to add appropriate legal protections, we then conduct a comprehensive analysis of your assets, life habits, personal relationships, dependencies. and expectations to assess your digital risk. Our mission is to reduce risk, exposure to threats, and protect your privacy.

Our Services Include:
    • Legal review of relevant documents and contracts
    • Personal Physical Security
    • Personal Cyber Security
    • Education 
    • Staff and Business Relationship Security
    • Financial/Asset Structure Review

Our Service provides a feeling of safety and security in every situation, from international travel to shopping at the store or sitting in your back yard, you can live your life with the assurance of our services. We offer you a 24/7 incident response line with a 1 800 number to ensure you are protected, night and day.

Further Break Down of our Services and Capabilities as provided by The Beckage Firm and its partners include:

    • Privileged and Confidential Protections
    • Review personal documents and contracts to ensure privacy and protection of your interests
    • Contract, deal, and endorsement negotiation and assistance
    • Asset and financial Structure
    • Insurance: personal, privacy and cyber
    • Background check of staff, guests, and personal relationships
    • Assess Personal Liability in all aspects of your life
    • On-Call advice and services
    • Enhanced Credit and Financial Monitoring
    • Public Persona, Social Media Influencer, Celebrity, and Brand Representation and Assessment
    • Sponsorship and charitable agreements
    • Defamation protection
Physical Security
    • Threat Risk Assessments
    • Security Audits
    • Alarm Systems: personal home, vacation homes, offices
    • Personal Protection
    • Transportation: air, ground and water
    • Package Delivery
Cyber Security
    • Home and Wireless network Assessments and setup
    • Personal Device Configuration and Monitoring
    • Sensitive Account Review – Configuring Strong Authentication
    • Dark Web Monitoring and Alerting
    • Endpoint/Computer Setup, Configuration, and Monitoring
    • Smart Home Assessment, Configuration, and Protection
    • Webcam/microphone review and configuration
    • Device Hardening
    • Children’s School and Personal Devices
    • Cyber Threat Profile Mapping
    • Cyber Training
    • Personal Privacy Awareness
    • Staff and Personal Training
    • Device and IOT Awareness
    • Family Cyber Awareness

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